Intellectual Property Rights Protection


  Patent management

The company’s intellectual property management follows the Management Regulations for Patent Right in the R&D cycle of the internal control system. In the patent acquisition phase, we strictly manage and control all sources of various intellectual property, record all sessions and activities in detail, and review R&D results. In addition, employees are encouraged to entitle their inventions and creations in order to enhance the quality and value of patent rights. In the R&D process, patent searches will also be conducted on related technologies to facilitate patent layout and reduce the risk of company infringement. If the patent application is approved by the proposal, the employee will be rewarded based on the evaluation result and listed as a reference for employee performance evaluation. At the same time, we request a professional patent company for reviewing and submitting intellectual property right application documents to increase the probability of patent approval. Through the implementation of the internal audit mechanism, reward system, intellectual property education and talent training, the company’s R&D achievements and technological leadership are protected.


  Trade Secret Management

Regarding the protection of trade secrets, the company and all employees have signed a “Labor Employment Contract,” which clearly specifies the ownership of intellectual property rights, confidentiality clauses and non-competition clauses. At the same time, all employees are reminded to pay attention to maintaining trade secrets related to their duties. In terms of internal confidentiality management, confidentiality management measures are established to control personnel, equipment, confidential documents and the environment.



In 2020, the Company introduced the “Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System (TIPS)” to establish an intellectual property management scheme, ensure the effective operation of the intellectual property management system, and increase the employees’ awareness of intellectual property. In addition, the responsible unit reports to the Board of Directors yearly on the management plan and implementation of intellectual property rights linked to business objectives.