Allergic Asthma
Mechanism of Action
FB918 is a fully-human monoclonal antibody specifically targeting interleukin 33 (IL-33). It is discovered and screened from Oneness-owned antibody library and currently under pre-clinical development. FB918 regulates the TH2 cytokines, for example IL-4, IL-5 and IL-13 as well as the signaling that induces allergic reaction by inhibiting the binding of IL-33 to the ST2 receptor. IL-33, the target of F918, is an upstream cytokine produced by epithelial cells or endothelial cells that initiates the chain of allergic reaction. According to literatures, IL-33 plays as a critical mediator in allergic asthma and inflamed lung tissues. It is also a novel target bring promising future treatment as many global pharma companies are exploring its potential in different indications.
FB918 is under pre-clinical development. While completing the full pharmacology and toxicology study, FB918 will be accelerated to clinical development.
Market Potential
Allergic Asthma, which is the most common form of asthma triggered by inhaling allergens. The severe form of asthma affecting an estimated 300 million individuals worldwide, is a debilitating, potentially fatal disease that has a significant negative impact on patients’ lives, often leading to frequent, severe attacks, reduced lung function and a poor quality of life. According market analysis report, the market size of allergic asthma was 18 billion USD and expects to reach 26 billion USD in 2027.