Diabetic patients diagnosed with lower limb ulcers can follow instructions of the physicians and use ON101.


Please see below V.I.P.D.F. suggestion:

Vessel Perfusion

Please consult the physicians for vascular assessment and treatment for cold feet, claudication, and poor blood circulation before apply ON101.

Infection Control

PInfection can worsen chronic wounds and hinder wound healing. It is also one of the main reasons for foot amputation. When symptoms of infection appear, you should follow your physician's instructions to use antibiotics correctly and apply ON101.

Pressure Offloading

You may use auxiliary tools or pressure-relief shoes to reduce the pressure around the wound to reduce the pressure bearing around the foot wound according to the physician’s instruction while using ON101.


The goal of debridement is to remove the necrotic tissue from the wound and stimulate the proliferation of the tissue. Once the necrotic tissue can be removed, ON101 can be applied.


Use ON101 (trade name: Fespixon) for accelerating wound closure. ON101 achieved statistically significant complete wound closure (p=0.0001) in 16 weeks of treatment versus a standard care dressing.

Please refer to the JAMA Network OPEN for the report: https://t.co/7XCUMlsjKu