Social Participation

        As a corporate citizen, Oneness Biotech takes the “development of new drugs and care for life” as its corporate mission. In addition to being responsible to shareholders and employees in pursuit of business profit, we also care for and take care of the disadvantaged in society. With a commitment to grow together with society, we have made long-term donations to the "Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (NT$50,000 per month)" and "Boyo Social Welfare Foundation" (NT$50,000 per month) to jointly promote the care, protection, and education rights of disadvantaged children.

       In order to promote caring for life, health, and education, the company has donated NT$5 million to the ―Oneness Foundation in April 2020. By organizing online and physical courses, we helped thousands of people in need, so that they are able to take on a positive attitude towards life by cleansing their body, mind, and spirit. In addition, we also donated to Teh-Tzer Study Group for Human Medical Research Foundation, whose mission is to strengthen people’s understanding of new medical knowledge and improve the quality of healthy life, promote clinical medicine and organize related academic seminars, conduct mutual visits, carry out various developmental projects such as education, training, and research, and devote to the research and development of medical fields such as traditional medicine, biology, and pharmaceutical technology. This way, we are able to establish a complete clinical efficacy evaluation system and improve the quality of clinical medical treatment.

       Through the group company, Diamond Biofund Inc., we also initiated a donation to establish the “Taiwan Bio-development Foundation”, which is Taiwan’s largest talent development foundation in the field of biotechnology and medicine, including setting up academic lectures, providing further study scholarships, subsidizing related research projects, holding or sponsoring seminars and activities, and assisting in intellectual property rights protection, technology transfer, etc. By making a donation of NT$25 million to each professor as a lecture bonus, we will further devote ourselves to the nurturing of young talents under the long-term research support by the top professors. This way, we are able to continue with the study and innovation of new drug research and development.

       Looking forward to the future, we hope to combine our expertise in the biotechnology industry and cooperate with relevant social welfare organizations. We will devote more resources to take care of the disadvantaged groups and fulfill the corporate social responsibility of “taken from society, give back to society” to promote social prosperity.