CSR Committee

 Promote corporate social responsibility

       In order to fulfill our corporate social responsibility, make improvements in terms of economic, social, and environmental aspects, and achieve the goal of sustainable business development, Oneness Biotech is determined to show all staff members its commitment to making CSR a reality. Through the Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles, the Board of Directors established the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (CSR Committee) and appointed the general manager as the chairman. Under the CSR Committee, there are 4 functional groups each carrying out a specific task to fulfill the corporate social responsibility, including ethical corporate governance & economic performance, green environment protection, employee care, and new drug R&D & customer health and safety, etc. Through regular communication channels, the functional groups of the CSR committee engage with the corresponding stakeholders to understand their requirements and expectations for the company. By convening CSR committee meetings, each functional group is able to discuss during the meeting so that a consensus can be reached under the cross-departmental brainstorming to respond appropriately to stakeholders.

        In order to ensure the effective implementation of sustainable business development, we plan to convene a CSR committee meeting regularly in the future. In the meeting, the annual CSR goals and progress of each group were put forward while the performance & achievement rate of the previous year was confirmed through rolling review. Finally, the annual achievement results will be reported to the Board of Directors.

CSR Committee at Oneness Biotech Co.,Ltd