Supply Chain Management

       In 2020, Oneness Biotech revised the “Management Procedures for Vendors,” with the goal of jointly implementing corporate social responsibility, adding anti-corruption, labor human rights, and environmental protection regulations, and requiring suppliers to sign the “Supplier Corporate Social Responsibility Commitment Letter,” incorporate the labor rights and interests of the supply chain, environmental protection, occupational safety and health, integrity standards, and anti-corruption into the requirements of supplier evaluations. In the second half of 2020, 21 suppliers have completed the signing of the commitment letters, and it is expected that all major cooperating suppliers will have completed the signing of the commitment letters in the first quarter of 2021.

● Supplier Corporate Social Responsibility Commitment Letter
       Based on the supplier’s product procurement, service supply or related business collaboration relationship with Oneness Biotech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Oneness) and in order to fulfill corporate social responsibility, the supplier signs this commitment letter with Oneness and abides by the following matters. If the supplier fails to comply with the following matters, Oneness has the right to request the supplier to make improvements or to suspend its product procurement, service supply or related business collaboration based on this commitment letter.
I.      Ethical corporate management and business ethics
1.     All business activities engaged by the supplier shall comply with ethical corporate standards and business ethics, including but not limited to fair trade, avoiding improper gains, safeguarding customer privacy rights and complying with relevant regulations on intellectual property rights, etc.
2.     Suppliers shall conduct transactions in an open and transparent manner, and shall not provide or accept bribes, or engage in corruption, collusion or other forms of improper gains.
3.     The supplier shall maintain the privacy rights of customers and ensure that they will not disclose, expose or leak any information about Oneness.
4.     The supplier shall comply with and implement relevant laws and regulations for the protection of intellectual property rights, and avoid any form of infringement.
II.     Basic labor rights
The supplier agrees that the employment of labor shall comply with the following regulations:
1.     Child labor is prohibited.
2.     Forced labor is prohibited, and labor hours and rest periods are guaranteed.
3.     Any form of discrimination is prohibited.
4.     Respect freedom of association and negotiation.
5.     Comply with relevant laws and regulations on labor health and occupational safety and health.
III.   Environmental protection
1.     The supplier shall evaluate the environmental impact of the production method of the product and carefully select cooperative partners.
2.   The supplier shall strive to reduce or eliminate various forms of waste, including but not limited to water resources, and shall be committed to the use of energy-saving equipment and energy-saving measures in the management, maintenance or production process, or to achieve energy-saving purposes through recycling, reuse, and the substitution of materials.
3.     The supplier shall strive to reduce the discharge of pollutants, toxic substances and wastes and ensure proper handling. Waste disposal shall be carried out in compliance with relevant laws and regulations to reduce the impact or harm to the natural environment.
VI.   Continuous improvement
Suppliers shall implement appropriate measures to comply with and continuously improve ethical corporate management and business ethics, basic labor human rights and environmental protection as mentioned in this commitment letter.
● Supplier Evaluation Audit
       According to the “Management Procedures for Vendors,” outsourced manufacturers, raw material suppliers, and third-party vendors are evaluated in writing or on-site each year, and are classified into A-E grades according to the evaluation results. If the vendors are listed in the C-E grade range, they will be notified and are expected to make improvements within a specific time limit, and follow-up improvements will be tracked, and purchasing will be reduced at this time.
There were a total of 6 supplier evaluations in 2020, and the evaluation results were within the A-B grade range. The clauses of the “Supplier Corporate Social Responsibility Commitment Letter” are expected to be included in the evaluation project in 2021, with focus expected to be on quality and delivery time. Oneness also works with suppliers to implement corporate social responsibility.