Human Rights Policy

Oneness Biotech Human Rights Policy

  In order to fulfill corporate social responsibility and protect the basic human rights of all employees, customers, and stakeholders, Oneness Biotech follows the principles disclosed by international human rights conventions such as the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, the “United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights”, the “United Nations Global Compact” and the “International Labor Organization”. We respect the internationally recognized basic human rights, abide by the labor laws and regulations in the place where we operate, and formulate human rights policies as well as specific management plans.


1.  Diversity, Inclusiveness and Equal Opportunity

l    Providing an equal and diversified working environment, Oneness Biotech's upheld the principles of openness and fairness to treat everyone equally with disregard to their personal socioeconomic status, age, gender, sexual orientation, marriage, family status, physical and mental disabilities, race, religion, appearance, nationality, language, political inclination, or pregnancy. Prohibiting harassment and respecting privacy, we are committed to creating a working environment with equal opportunities, dignity, safety, equality, and protection from discrimination and harassment.

l     In order to ensure that the employment policy is non-discriminatory, Oneness Biotehch's recruitment, salary & remuneration, training, evaluation, and promotion are based on the qualifications, performance, skills, and experience of the employees. We also provide an effective and appropriate grievance mechanism and multiple communication channels to avoid situations that endanger the rights and interests of employees and create equal employments.

2.  Prohibition of forced labor and child labor

l     Any form of forced labor is prohibited.

l     Comply with the laws and regulations of the legal working age in the locality, and do not employ child labor.

3.  Provide fair and reasonable salary and working conditions

l   Provide employees with minimum salary and remuneration that meet or exceed the minimum requirements of local laws and regulations.

l     Clearly establish legal and reasonable rules and regulations, and regularly care and manage the attendance of employees.

4.  Providing a safe, hygienic and healthy working environment

l    Attaching great importance to workplace safety and health, the company expects employees to work in a healthy, safe, and caring environment while having a healthy body and mind. Therefore, each pharmaceutical plant aims to build a safe and health workplace with zero occupational injuries.

5.  Respecting employees' freedom of assembly and association

l  Respecting employees' freedom of assembly and association, we provide smooth internal and diversified labor-management communication channels, so that employees or labor representatives can communicate openly with the management without retaliation, threats, or harassment. This way, a workplace with a harmonious labor-management vibe can be created.

6.  Corporate Commitment

l   Since the protection of human rights is an important foundation for sustainable business operations, all aspects of human rights issues are taken into consideration while importance is attached to the management of relevant risk. This way, we are expected to create a happy enterprise together.

Human Rights Due Diligence Process

Oneness is currently developing a human rights due diligence process according to global guidance and standards. The process will be conducted with the participation of related stakeholders and will include a human rights risk assessment, identification of responsibilities and actions, risk mitigation measures, as well as ongoing monitoring and reporting. Oneness will include our human rights due diligence process in the CSR Report to be published in September 2021.