Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message


       Oneness Biotech is fully dedicated to the research and development of new drugs, which is a business of high risk. In addition to recruiting high-tech talents, adopting innovative technologies, and undertaking significant capital investment, we still need to uphold the unwavering business principles to support and drive the continuous research and development of new drugs. Under the corporate governance of legal compliance, ethical management, and transparency, the business principles of Oneness Biotech is to create and share “health, happiness, and love” with everyone. Under our patented technology and continuous efforts, we are devoted to developing new drugs that are globally best-in-class and first-in class for the unmet medical needs so that the patient’s symptoms can be alleviated or that patients no longer suffer from diseases. Together with our employees, shareholders, patients, and the entire society, we will share with everyone the “health, happiness, and love” brought by the innovation.

In 2020, Oneness Biotech signed an agreement with an international pharmaceutical company for the licensing of a new drug. The licensing package of US$530 million set a record of the highest new drug licensing deal in Taiwan. At the same time, Oneness Biotech also achieved the primary endpoint of a Phase III clinical trial on another new drug, for which its efficacy is leading globally for the unmet medical needs. Aside from innovative research and development of new drugs, Oneness Biotech also sponsored its “Oneness Foundation” by taking real actions, including promoting physical, mental, and spiritual education of “health, happiness, and love” through online and offline courses. This way, we helped tens of thousands of people in need of inspiration to cleanse their body, mind, and spirit to take on a positive attitude towards their lives. Oneness Biotech also initiated a donation to establish the “Taiwan Bio-development Foundation” through Diamond BioFund Inc., which also participated in the investment, and subsidized 13 lecture professors, each with a lecture fund of NT$25 million. Our long-term support in the research conducted by the top professors can nurture outstanding young talents which also continuously drive the research and development of new drugs and innovation.

In 2020, Oneness Biotech has started quarterly institutional investor conferences on the basis of integrity and transparency in corporate governance to report the research and development progress of new drugs, which allows investors to clearly understand and keep updated with the company’s research and development progress and status of new drugs. At the same time, the shareholder Q&A is carried out on a daily basis on the company’s website. The shareholders’ questions would be answered on the company’s website on the day of receipt. The files would then be compiled so that the existing shareholders can understand the operation of Oneness Biotech.

The new drug business is established based on benefiting people to solve human life and health problems with scientific innovation. Oneness Biotech develops a new drug business that saves people and benefits others from the perspectives of life and health. Oneness Biotech is also dedicated to caring and giving back to society from the perspectives of happiness and passion for life. With the establishment of the “Corporate Social Responsibility Committee” in 2020, Oneness Biotech combined the force of top management and the subsidized Oneness Foundation and Taiwan Bio-development Foundation to encourage employees to participate in the promotion and implementation of corporate social responsibility. These include providing social care, promoting physical and mental education, helping the disadvantaged, and implementing environmental protection.

The new drug business has become the core industry of the next generation in Taiwan. In the future, on top of the continual efforts into creating sustainable business value based on scientific research and innovation, Oneness Biotech will also uphold the spirit of “what is taken from society is given back to society” to create a social value of altruism and selflessness. By fulfilling the corporate social responsibility, we will jointly create a wonderful future with physical, mental, and spiritual health.
Huang, Shan-Ney
Chairman of the Board, Oneness Biotech Co.,Ltd