Ethical Corporate Management

       Based on the corporate core values of integrity, innovation, and love, the Company formulates its operating policies based on an alliance with ethical management, and establishes good corporate governance and risk control mechanisms to create a sustainable operating environment. In order to implement the relevant policies, the Company designated the general manager’s staff unit as the ethical corporate management unit, responsible for the formulation and supervision of the ethical corporate management policy and prevention plan, and presents an annual report to the board of directors on the implementation of the current year (the date of the most recent report to the board of directors is November 13, 2020).
The 2020 implementation of the ethical corporate management policy is as follows:
I. In 2020, the Company revised the “Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles” and “Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct,” expecting and requiring company members, including the board of directors and management, to actively implement the policy of ethical corporate management.
II. In order to ensure the legal status of cooperating agents, suppliers, customers or other transaction partners and whether they are involved in dishonest behavior, relevant audits will be conducted before signing a contract with them. If the cooperating unit is involved in dishonest behavior, immediate termination of contract will be executed. There were no cases of corruption or dishonesty in 2020. Besides, the company did not make any contributions to political campaigns.
III. Each department conducts annual self-assessments in legal compliance and regulations to ensure effective control and implementation, and is independently audited by the audit unit to ensure the proper operation of the overall mechanism, and jointly manage and prevent the occurrence of dishonest behavior.

IV. Education and Training

  1. Conduct education and training on Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles as part of the onboarding process for new employees, and start to implement ethical corporate management policies in the new employee training, so that employees gain an understanding of the company’s ethical corporate management policies and norms.
  2. The education and training on the ethical corporate management policy is held on an annual basis. In 2020, prevention of insider trading was the theme of the education and training, which was attended by all supervisors and totaled 174 hours of training. In the training courses, case studies are used to strengthen the concept of ethical corporate management principles and how to manage and prevent the occurrence of dishonest behaviors.
  3. The education and training content on the ethical corporate management policy is also kept on the company’s internal website for colleagues to review from time to time, and continuous efforts are made to strengthen and publicize relevant precautions.
V.    Prevention of Insider Trading
  • The Company has formulated the “Operating Procedures for the Prevention of Insider Trading,” which clearly defines the scope of application, regulatory objects, and related operating procedures to prevent the company’s directors, managers and other insiders from mishandling or deliberately committing insider trading because they are not well versed in relevant laws and regulations meant to protect the rights and interests of investors and the Company.
  • The Company organizes annual education and training courses related to ethical corporate management and prevention of insider trading, with a total of 174 hours of training related to the prevention of insider trading conducted in 2020.

VI. The Company has established relevant reporting measures, which specify the reporting channels including e-mail ( and written reporting methods, and specify related reporting procedures, reporting data protection, punishment measures, and a reward system for whistleblowers.