Governance Structure


The Manager in the Finance Department of the Company serves as the corporate governance personnel so as to protect the rights and interests of shareholders and strengthen the functions of the Board of Directors, who has more than three years' experience in financial management of public companies, with the main responsibilities to provide the data needed by Directors to carry out business, to assist Directors to comply with laws and regulations, and to handle matters related to the meetings of the Board of Directors and the meetings of Shareholders in accordance with the law.
The business execution is as follows:
I. Assist Directors to perform their duties, provide necessary data and arrange for further education:
  1. Inform the board members from time to time of the latest laws and regulations related to the business field and corporate governance of the Company.
  2. Prepare important financial and business data and provide company information required by Directors.
  3. Arrange regular meetings between Independent Directors and internal audit supervisor or certified public accountants to understand the current financial status of the Company.
  4. Arrange training courses for Directors according to the industrial characteristics of the Company as well as the education background and experiences of Directors.

II. Handle matters related to the meetings of the Board of Directors and the shareholders in accordance with the law, and assist the Company to comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the Board of Directors and the Shareholders:
  1. Be responsible for reviewing the release of material information of important resolutions of the Board of Directors, ensuring the legality and correctness of the content for equivalent trading information of investors.
  2. Be responsible for drafting the agenda of the Board of Directors, notifying the Directors and providing the meeting data seven days before the meeting. Remind the Board of Directors in advance if interest avoidance is required, and complete the meeting minutes within 20 days after the meeting.
  3. Register the date of the Shareholders meeting in advance in accordance with the law, prepare the notice of meeting, the meeting manual and the meeting minutes within the statutory time limit, and handle the change registration when the Articles of Association are amended or the Directors are re-elected.
  4. Revise the relevant corporate governance measures in accordance with laws and regulations, and report the implementation status to the Board of Directors or the Audit Committee in accordance with the provisions of the measures.

III. Maintain investor relations:
  1. Act as the deputy spokesperson of the Company, receive calls or emails from Shareholders and provide information required by Shareholders.
  2. Arrange the designated units or special personnel of the Company to communicate with institutional investors or general Shareholders as necessary, through which investors can obtain sufficient information to evaluate and determine the reasonable capital market value of the Company, so as to protect the rights and interest of Shareholders.