Title Date
Oneness Biotech Co., LTD. receives a Russian patent titled"TOPICAL FORMULATION FOR PROMOTING WOUND HEALING" on Fespixon cream (Research code:ON101). 2021-07-21
Oneness announces the information about the investor's conference of 2021 Q2. 2021-06-23
Oneness Bio will hold the launch event and the medical symposium of Fespixon, the new drug for treating DFUs 2021-06-16
Oneness Biotech and Taiwan CDE signed the agreement of regulatory science consultation and guidance on an indicator project in COVID-19 for FB704A. 2021-06-10
An IND was submitted to US FDA for a phase II clinical trial of FB704A, an anti-IL6 mAb developed by Oneness, for treating severe COVID-19. 2021-06-08
The Phase 3 international MRCT study results of the diabetic foot ulcer new drug, Fespixon have been accepted for oral presentation at the 57th EASD Annual Meeting 2021-06-03
A Chinese patent titled "USE OF FLAVOIDS IN MANUFACTURING COMPOSITIONS FOR WOUND HEALING." has been granted. 2021-06-01
The annual shareholders' meeting will be postponed in accordance with the instructions of FSC. 2021-05-21
A Taiwan patent titled "Biomarkers for lung cancer stem cells" has been granted 2021-05-14
A Chinese patent titled ”Use of Plectranthus amboinicus extract in manufacturing compositions for anti-microbial effect”has been granted. 2021-05-11
A Taiwan patent titled "Method for treating cancer using cd14 antagonists" has been granted. 2021-05-06
Oneness received approval by TFDA on the phase 2 clinical trial application for FB704A, a fully-human anti-IL6 antibody new drug, in severe asthma. 2021-04-19
Oneness announces that Nanchou manufacturing site has been GMP and GDP certified by MOHW 2021-04-12
Oneness has submitted the phase 2 clinical trial application for FB704A, a fully-human anti-IL6 antibody new drug, in severe asthma to TFDA via fast track. 2021-04-07
An Indian patent on the Anti-CεmX (FB825) antibody was granted. 2021-04-05
Oneness was notified by US FDA today that the DFU new drug (ON101), has been granted the Fast Track Designation, which will facilitate NDA process of ON101 in US. 2021-03-31
Oneness has received the letter from MOHW with regards to collection the drug license of DFU new drug: Fespixon cream. 2021-03-28
Oneness Biotech Co., LTD receives a European patent on OB318, a new drug in development for liver cancer. 2021-03-26
Oneness Biotech Co.,LTD receives a Taiwan patent on antagonistic PDL1 aptamers. 2021-03-23
Oneness has been notified by Microbio Shanghai Co., Ltd. that CDE under NMPA accepted NDA application by writing for, the DFU new drug: ON101 2021-03-13